Tips to get rid of first meeting jitters

Some people are natural presenters, and they thrive when they are in front of other people. Unfortunately, this means, that some of us do not perform well when others are focusing on us. Some people feel very anxious even just from the idea of presenting their idea in a meeting.

Nowadays the ability to present in a meeting is required from almost all positions. It is almost impossible to avoid never needing to present in a meeting. Thankfully, you don’t have to give up. Here are some tips, you can use to make the meeting and presentation jitters ease up on you.

Booking meeting room in advance will help

If you are working in a larger company, booking meeting room will be very helpful. This way you can be sure, that nobody will walk in during your presentation, and completely throw you off from your game.

If you feel extra nervous, booking meeting room beforehand can be helpful in another way as well. You can use a booking meeting room system your company uses to book the same room for another time. This way you can practice your presentation in the room, where you are going to hold your presentation at the end. You can get familiar with the space, which will help your body to feel relaxed while presenting.

Prepare the points you want to make

Talking about practicing, it is important that you prepare the points you want to make in your presentation. If you feel that you are going to forget everything you want to say, you can make a list of some keywords. It is not unprofessional to check these keywords. You can even put them into your presentation. This way the others can also follow easily, what you are talking about.

Remember to stay hydrated and breathe during your presentation

Lastly, it is very important to remember not to hold your breath during your presentation. Take small breaks to breathe and have a water bottle close to you. This way you can pace your speech, and seem relaxed, even if you still feel nervous on the inside.