Stop Wasting Office Resources! – Improving Efficiency

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As we become more aware of the effects of climate change and other irreversible changes we are causing the planet, there is a drive towards reducing resource wastefulness. Not only are our resources finite, but they also cost money. After all, businesses operating with the aim of making money!

Progressive companies are aware of their public image and how it affects their brand, and this alongside the effect on their bottom line has been a slow wake up call that they must begin to take seriously the effect of wasted resources.

Here are 3 tips that any business can consider to use their resources more efficiently and therefore improve their bottom line.


Act your size

I have seen countless businesses that have premises that are either too small or too big for a company for their size. It is understandably difficult to find the perfect size place, especially with so much to consider like location and future growth. However it is painful seeing huge warehouses or offices with vast floor space not being fully utilized.

Premises too small for operations can affect employee morale as well as reduce operation efficiency. This can also lead to clutter, which is a tell tale sign of disorganization and negatively impact work. Premises that are too big can be too costly and not be as good for fostering good work relationships.

If your office has excess space, consider renting it out in order to subsidise your own costs. Extra meeting rooms can be put to use by implementing room booking software that allows for easier and more organized bookings. No longer will employees be going from room-to-room looking for an available space when everything can be viewed from their computer or smartphone.


Use technology to improve efficiency

I may sound like a broken record by telling you to use technology to improve your office’s efficiency, but it’s purely because it’s true! Technology is constantly being developed and released with the hope that its long-term monetary benefit outweighs its initial cost. Can they convince a business to lay out $10,000 to make $20,000 worth of savings over a few years?

Nowadays, tasks can now be shortened or automated, as well as being better refined, giving a higher quality. Using cloud storage can improve data safety from theft as well as loss through faulty local hardware. Also, by giving those who need it access to files stored here, time and energy is saved reduced in the need for data transfer.

Consider keeping digital records of everything and only print only if it is essential. Printouts, especially for meetings, usually have a short lifespan before they are disposed of (hopefully recycled!) so avoid printing unless absolutely needed.

When it comes to cost cutting and reducing resource wastage, it doesn’t have to be painful nor does it have to have a detrimental effect on the workplace. On the contrary, savings can be spent on making improvements and all it took was an investment of money or possibly just some effort. Not only will the business benefit internally, but externally too!